10 Spray Tan questions every bride should ask

When it comes to getting a spray tan most brides have this fear that they are going to look like Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars when she got that bad ass orange tan. I have it below for your reference…you are welcome. However that is why it is so important to go to the right place. I have one and one place only that I go and where I recommend to my brides…Tan in the City. Jess is so lovely, super bubbly and makes you feel really comfortable as well as her amazing team. I go and get the darkest tan ( I literally tell her to “take me to barbados”) and its never streaky or orange. They also sell these really cute Kaftans which I couldn’t recommend more because you can just get your tan, whip on your kaftan and not worry about messing up your tan!
This will NOT be you
A few days ago I asked my lovely Insta followers if they had any questions for Jess on tanning. Almost all the questions were from brides-to-be so I thought I would write them here for you. A mini guide to your wedding spray tan.
Also if you go to Tan in the City and if you mention my name YOU get $5 off your tan. Yes I know I am Oprah…you get a tan, you get a tan….EVERYONE GETS TANS.

Honestly babes I feel so much for confident, sexy and even a little slimmer with a good tan so don’t let being scared stop you

1. Is a spray tan just for getting dark or can it cover my tan lines? It will def help cover/ mask tan lines as those white bits will get browner so it is not as noticable.. we can also concentrate on the paler areas if needed
2. How do I know I won’t go orange? The range of products we use from Black Magic tan and with my 6 years experience I can promise we wont turn you orange – if you listen to your development instructions and do not overdevelop the tan then it will NOT go orange .. we have many tans we can choose from  including, green, violet and brown base and the tan I use ill be assessed once I have seen your base tone of your skin/complexion.
3. How long before my wedding should I get my tan?  You are at your brownest 48 hours in so I always recommend 2 days if possible.  This also gives you the opportunity to have a couple of showers to ensure all the bronzer has been washed off and will not get on your dress.
4. What do i do before my tan to prep my skin?  We recommend exfoliating up to the tan ( so a rub down with a flannel or exfoliating mitt in the shower .. this can be done once the day before the tan or every day leading up to it for a few days.  Keep your skin hydrated.. so drink plenty of water and moisturise – however DO NOT moisturise on the day of the tan.  Nothing should be on the skin when you come for your tan.
5. How long will my tan last? A tan should last min 5 days and up to 10 … it all depends on the condition of your skin and how you maintain your tan.  On average I say a tan lasts a good week.
6. Will my spay tan effect sun tanning on my honeymoon?  A spray tan has no sunscreen in it, so no it should not.  A spray tan is a great excuse to stay out of the dangerous harsh sun tho 😉
7. How long do i have to leave it on for?  We have tans that you can rinse off in as little as 1 hour and most bridal tans are 1 – 3 hours if a natural but good healthy glow is the desired result.  Argan tan is our most popular bridal tan.
8. Will the tan get onto my wedding dress?  Not if you have had at least 2 showers.  IF it does transfer at all it is 100% water based and will wash out.  We recommend getting a tan 2 days prior to eliminate any potential for transfer.
9. What if I don’t like my tan? I don’t think in my 6 years tanning I have ever had a bride who has not but IF you did not like your tan then it would have to be removed with tan remover as it so fresh it would not budge without some help.
10. How natural can I go? I describe the colour that we can achieve – on the lighter side as a “wow you look so good, what have you done? .. in other words such a subtle colour no one really knows its a spray tan but that little hint of a glow makes such a difference.
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