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Here is something most people don’t know about me. I have really bad eyesight. I have had bad eyes since I was young and one of the most annoying things in life for me has always been glasses shopping. In fact it was so hard for me that when my old glasses were stolen from our car 2 years ago I never actually got another pair. I knew that wearing contacts all the time were bad so I started shopping around.

For me shopping for new glasses is like jean shopping except with more squinting but just as annoying.

My main problem was that the glasses that I wanted cost over $400. Now I know that its good to invest but the odds of my 1 year old son ripping them off my face were to high to risk $400. So when Glasses Shop got in touch and explained how easy it was to buy your glasses, glasses framesprescription sunglasses and more online I was excited but semi doubtful.

What is great about buying online is that their range is huge compared to when most stores have a limited stock. Finding a style I liked was super easy and they provide lots of guides to help find the best fit. So I clicked and ordered and waited. Not long after my glasses arrive and to my total pleasant surprise they were perfect!!! I love them so much. They fit well and are the perfect prescription!

The lovely team at Glasses Shop have offered you all 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded) just use the special coupon code GSHOT50.

Happy glasses shopping!!

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