Let’s move from just being Mates and bring back the Dates

After being married a while it can be super easy to get complacent in the romancing your wife department, am I right? I know I’m right because I’ve done it, you know it’s time to start sprucing things up in the marriage when your idea of a date night is watching your favourite movie while your wife fixes those pizzas you like, and a good big bowl of chocolate mouse. I’m guilty but there’s always time to change.. men there’s no excuse the woman in our lives deserve to be romanced and shown how much we appreciate them. Ok here’s a few ideas

  • Pick one night a week that works for both of you.
  • Get creative it doesn’t have to cost much.
  • Take the lead and plan ahead, don’t wait till the day of.
  • Buy some flowers and a bottle of bubbles
  • Then head out, forget about work and just enjoy each other.

So there’s a few basics to get you started. So let’s move from being just mates and bring back the dates.

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