3 Easy ways to get back to Health

Ohhhkaaaay lets be real for a second. Those holidays did not go as planned. I had this plan of eating well while on break, going for summer runs and late swims. I thought that on Christmas day I would stick to lean proteins and have a small slice of dessert. Well did it go like that? Hell to the Ho Ho Ho NO! It was more of a constant glass of wine in my hand, bowls of pavlova and absolutely zero exercise kinda thing. Do I regret it? No but my pants do. So here we are and its Feb 1st. I can’t blame by bad choices on the Christmas break and it’s time to get real. I have three simple ways to get on track that don’t involve burpees…You are welcome.

Firstly the most simple tip of all time that makes the biggest difference. Water. After way too many rosés it’s time to flush your body. I love starting my day with a huge glass of lemon water. Lemon is a natural detox and it is the perfect way to get your metabolism started for the day.

Second it’s all about being healthy from the inside out. I was so lucky to be given some capsules of pure goodness thanks to the team at GO Healthy New Zealand. I was sent the  GO Probiotic 40 Billion and GO Detox Everyday. This is the perfect way to help restore your system during these social months, supporting good gut bacteria and healthy liver function.

The GO Detox Everyday helps with digestive disturbances, excessive alcohol intake (raises hand) and intolerance to fatty foods. The GO Probiotic 40 Billion helps you when you are feeling sluggish, helps low immune systems, and gives essential support after using antibiotics.

The Raw Kitchens Back on Track Plan

My third tip is is add more raw foods into your diet. The GO Healthy team sent a Back On Track plan from The Raw Kitchen. It was so tasty and I was left feeling lighter and happier (but that might have been cause I didn’t have to cook all day. I also had lots of energy at the end of the day which I normally don’t. Now we can’t all eat at The Raw Kitchen everyday (I wish) but by adding more raw foods into our diet we are giving ourselves the best chance of being that happier healthier person we want to be. ♥

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