3 things that will make planning your wedding easier

When it comes to planning your big day it can all seem a bit overwhelming! With the cake, dress, venue and flowers it can seem that the decision making is never ending. I have three tips that could help you go from a stressed out bridezilla to a calm and composed Kate Middleton leading up to your big day.

1. One of the first things that I can recommend to make things easier when planning your wedding is to sit down at the start of your engagement and have a really good chat to your fiancé about your wedding. During your chat talk about what three things are the most important to you for the wedding and let him do the same. Write those 6 things down and don’t break them. If he really wants vintage cars then make sure no matter how the planning goes you prioritize that. You might want a certain dance on the day or a special band to play. During the craziness of wedding planning (I blame pintrest) you can seem to change your wedding every other day. You might start out thinking you want a casual wedding in a barn but end up with a chic city wedding. Both are great but as long as you both stick to what you each really wanted at the wedding then you know you will both be 100% happy at the end of the night.

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2. I often say that your wedding can be made or ruined by your vendors. I am so sick of hearing sad stories of makeup artists or hair stylists that show up late and are unprofessional. Having the right beauty team is so important so you can sit back and relax with a glass of bubbles and know that you are going to look stunning after. It can be hard trying to find amazing makeup artists as

some of the best makeup artists that I personally recommend and rave about are on page 12 of a google search.

But don’t fret my pretties there is a new website in town that’s changing the game! Beauty Book brings experienced artists straight to you in one easy place. It is so easy to book an appointment online and the curated list of freelancers will cater to your budgets, location and style preferences. Yay! Yours truly is on the site along with some seriously incredible makeup artists. So instead of spending hours clicking through google just head straight to Beauty Book. You are welcome 🙂

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3. Last but not least here is the best advice I can give to avoid stress while planning your big day…ready cause this is gold….Do whatever the hec you want because it’s YOUR wedding!

Why spend evenings arguing with your fiancé over the seating chart about where to sit your dad’s new girlfriend or potty mouth Aunt Peggy when you could say a big fat NO to seating charts.

So many brides now are making the seating open plan so people can sit with who they want to. If you don’t want to do wedding favors then don’t. No one really notices them and you will save yourself and your bridesmaids many late evening tying tiny bows over tiny boxes (a great recipe for a bridezilla meltdown) You get my drift. Your wedding is yours so make it exactly what you want it to be and guess what… those are the weddings everyone remembers because it perfectly reflects you! ♥


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