5 Simple Tips to be an Amazing Bridesmaid 

Most bridesmaids feel one of two feelings. 1) like they have a million things to do and not enough time to do it. 2) like they have absolutely no idea what they are meant to be doing as a bridesmaid! I have just 5 simple tips for bridesmaids from both groups that you might not have thought of.

1. When it comes to leading up to the big day most brides go into panic mode regarding all the details left to do. This is usually around the 6 week mark as most of those tasks can’t be done until then. Make sure at that 6 week point you check on your bride, offer help and have a girls night to take her mind off the wedding.

2. As a makeup artist this might seem like a funny one but offer to join your bride for her makeup trial. Some woman just might not feel fully confident telling their makeup artist/hair stylist what they really want. From a makeup artist point of view I just want the bride to be 100% happy and some brides are just more shy or reserved so I welcome a guest during the trial.

3. This might seem silly but keep the bubbles flowing. I don’t mean on the day (however it is nice to keep checking on your bride during the wedding day to see if she wants champagne or water) but I mean leading up to the wedding.

 By “keep the bubbles flowing” I just mean keep celebrating.

Some brides loose the fun exciting feelings while planning their wedding and often they just need a girlfriend to pop around with some wedding mags and to enjoy a glass of wine. Do little things to remind your girlfriend that this season is short and it should be enjoyed to the fullest!

4. Now this one I know is a good one. From my experience from doing hundreds of weddings I know the moment most brides get nervous. It is usually when they are in my makeup chair. By the time a bride starts her makeup her bridesmaids have all had their makeup done and sometimes they are already dressed. Time is ticking and it is all starting to feel very real.

However it’s at this time that bridesmaids also start to feel really excited and giddy and they often miss the signs that their bride is getting more and more nervous.

Be aware of this and offer your friend water and make sure the room is relaxing.

5. Last but not least this is the most simple tip. Just ask your bride throughout the wedding planning process how you can help. Life can be busy and time can fly by so try to check on your bride every couple of weeks. A simple text asking if you can do anything goes a long way. She might not take you up on the offer but it will mean a lot.

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