5 Top Wedding Trends for the 2015/16 Wedding Season

What I love about my job is talking to my lovely brides about their wedding day. I think after all these years I have heard of almost every kind of wedding out there (however I am still yet to do a full dress up theme wedding). Each wedding season I can always see a bit of an overall wedding season theme. Last years was vintage….everything! This year it seems we have the rebels. Brides who don’t want the traditional wedding. They are throwing the rule book in the air and creating weddings that are all about representing the couple. Check out the 5 biggest trends for the 2015/16 wedding seasons.

  1. Firstly the biggest trend is in bride’s venue choice. This year I am amazing at how many brides are getting married on rooftops, their favorite city restaurant, in bars and on boats. Brides are doing away with the traditional wedding venues and instead getting married where they feel most comfortable. Plus who wouldn’t want to dance the night away on a yacht?
Found on paphosweddingsmadeeasy.com

2. The next big trend is what brides are feeding their guests. One of the brides I have talked to said, “Why would I pay for an expensive meal that my fiancé and I wouldn’t order at a restaurant anyways?” And lot of brides feel the same!
Food trucks at weddings are popular this year as well as pizza and even the bride and grooms favorite burger joint doing the catering. I couldn’t think of anything better then tucking into my favorite food with all my friends and family.

Found on couturecolorado.com
Found on couturecolorado.com

3. This trend has taken over this coming wedding season; brides wearing whatever they want! From wearing cardigans (thanks to the baben Olivia Palermo in her cream cashmere sweater) to dress pants brides are dissing the rules and wearing whatever best reflex’s their personal style.


4. This is of course one of my favorites because it has to do with makeup! Brides this season are rocking the bold lip. From corals, bright pinks to deep blood reds brides are adding that ‘wow’ factor to their look with their lipsticks. I have seen this a lot during my trials with brides wanting to add a freshness to their look. My advice is as long as you can wearing it and not feel self-conscious then rock the bold lippy!

SouthBound Bride www.southboundbri... Credit Duane Smith
SouthBound Bride www.southboundbri… Credit Duane Smith


5. Last but not least is bold jewelry. This season brides are tossing the pearls and replacing them with big gems, black diamonds and chunky gypsy style necklaces and I personally am in love! Brides this season know that accessories should finish off your look and add that final statement! ♥

Found on honey-and-bee.tumblr.com
Found on honey-and-bee.tumblr.com
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