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Hello and Welcome to Freckles and Blush.

My name is Christina Dellar. I was born in San Francisco but I have lived in New Zealand for the past 15 years (hence my weird mixed up accent). I have always loved makeup so when I finished school and all my friends went off to university I decided that I only wanted a career that made me happy and the only thing I wanted to do was do makeup. I went for it and signed up for a year course at Cut Above Academy and have never looked back and what an amazing 9 years its been.


When I graduated I was lucky enough to land a job with the infamous Bobbi Brown and it was on counter that my love for making woman feel confident started. I will never forget the first time a woman cried after I did her makeup. It wasn’t about the makeup but it was about her looking in the mirror and liking what she saw. Through doing makeup on hundreds of woman I learned very quickly that almost all woman struggle with insecurities at some level, myself included. I came from a place of being so insecure that I hated even looking in the mirror. It was through seeing these beautiful woman point out their “imperfections” that I learned to see the beauty in everything including in my own flaws.

The name Freckles and Blush came to me one day when I was doing a woman’s makeup who had the most beautiful freckles. The first thing she said to me was, “Can you please cover up all of my ugly freckles,” I couldn’t believe that she didn’t like them! I then said, “Are you kidding freckles with a pop of blush on top is one of my favorite looks,” I stopped, wrote down the name Freckles and Blush and continued her makeup.

You see it’s the “imperfections” that make us beautiful. My blog, makeup style and philosophy is all about embracing your ‘freckle’ whatever that might be to you.

I have the same approach when it comes to weddings. I love doing weddings and I feel honored when a woman lets me be a part of such a special day. 

It’s about finding a look that reflects your individual style so that you look and feel like yourself, only jaw-dropping.

 I have been blessed to be featured in some incredible blogs such as 100 Layer Cake, Magnolia Rouge and Hello May. Some of my lovely brides have won Bride of the Year 2009, Couple of the Year 2010, Bride of the Year 2011 and Bride of the Year 2012 in Bride and Groom Magazine and NZ Weddings.


Have a look around my blog, check out my portfolio and get in touch. I would love to hear from you.


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