Meet Ashley Mitchell and her Glam New Home

If you were to wonder past Ashley Mitchell’s home located on a quiet street in Dallas, you would see a beautiful classic Texan home. With large patios, shutters framing each window and a gorgeous garden you would think this is just another beautiful quintessential southern home. However step inside and you are transported to another place, an eclectic mix of California beach bungalow, airy and light, a touch of Europe with paintings from Paris and to finish it off the right amount of New York with white brick, wooden floors and black and white photographs on the walls. Ashley and her husband have created something truly special with their new home and the very talented Sukilynn Photography captured her style perfectly. I spoke to Ashley about her blog, travel, fashion and of course her stunning home in which she was kind enough to invite us in.

FM-Firstly tell us a little about yourself.
I am 26 year old and I live in Dallas, Texas.  I have a style blog called Haute Gumbo and I am also a Visual Merchandiser for a luxury department store.  I grew up in a small town in Louisiana where there was hardly any great shopping, so living in Dallas has definitely spoiled me!  I went to college and studied Photography.  After graduation I moved to Dallas to be with my now husband, and I started my own Photography business mainly focusing on fashion.  As my love for fashion grew, I decided I wanted to do something that put me more in the loop with the fashion world, so I took a job as a Visual Merchandiser and started my own style blog.
dallasstylebloggerHG-0368[1] dallasstylebloggerHG-0361[1]
FM- What are you hobbies?
I love going to The Bar Method!  I honestly have to say that it is the first exercise that I have ever been addicted to.  The workout engages a ballet bar and it tones and lengthens your muscles.  Not to mention they play great music!  I also enjoy traveling with my husband and spending time near the water!  Whether its the beach, pool, river or lake, I want to be there!
FM-How would you describe your fashion style?
I definitely feel like my style has evolved over the last few years, and its currently evolving now.  I have an appreciation for every type of style, and don’t ever want to feel like there is only one way that I am suppose to dress. I may wake up one day and put on bright colors or a pattern,  and then the next day be dressed minimalistic in black and white or maybe classic in Ralph Lauren.  I have definitely gotten bolder when getting dressed in the mornings.  I think I can credit that to working in an environment where I am surrounded by fabulous clothes all day!
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FM-What the best thing about where you live?
At the end of our street there is a huge lake, which is so nice because we can walk our dog, run and bike.  It doesn’t even feel like we are right in the middle of a big city.  The second best thing is that every thing is bigger in Texas!  From the shopping and dining, to the big hair and state pride, Texas is a great place to live!
FM-What would your ultimate vacation be?
A yachting trip from the South of France through the Mediterranean.
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FM-Your perfect day would be?
My idea of the perfect day would be sleeping in, having coffee in bed and then heading off to a bar class.  After that I would spend quality time with my husband maybe lounging by the pool or doing lunch and some shopping.  To finish the day, we would have a wonderful dinner with family and friends accompanied with a great bottle of wine!
FM-You are in a new home, Where did you find the inspiration for decorating your home?
The Inspiration for decorating our home came from our personal taste and the actual style of the home. This home was built in the 40’s and was updated in 2009.  It’s very unique in that the exterior looks very southern yet the inside possesses a retro, mid century mod feel.  My husband has great taste so we have been working together to bring out both of our styles while keeping with the mid century feel of the home.  We both have two different styles and I was a little nervous about what the end result would look like because If it were up to me, every room would be laid back, light and airy and all white.  For my husband, every room would either be super modern or formal and done in dark blues, black, greys and rich purple.  It’s been exciting collaborating together, because I think the end result has been successful.
Dress Diptic[2]
FM-What’s your favorite room in your house?
My favorite room in the house is the kitchen and sun room because it is white and full of natural window lighting.  The two open up to each other so it’s one big room. When guest come over and I’m cooking dinner, I can still be in on the conversation.  The sun room has a stunning view of the pool and it is a great place to sit and drink coffee in the morning.  There is also a floating mid century cone fireplace which really gives the room personality.
FM-What’s your favorite piece of furniture?
My favorite piece of furniture is the kitchen table because my dad and two brothers made the base of it!  Since I am a light and airy type of girl, I wanted a restored white wooden table top but wanted the base to made of chrome.  I looked around for weeks and couldn’t find anything like it, so I asked my dad if he could make a base like what I was describing and he said he could!  I found a local artist who made the wooden top, and he and my dad collaborated to make the most incredible table I have ever seen!   This table is very sentimental and I will keep it forever and pass it on to my kids.
FM-What’s your best interior design advice for someone who wants to redecorate their home?
It think it’s important to figure out what you like and what your style is before decorating.  To figure that out, use sources like Houzz, Pintrest and interior design magazines.  Save those photos and go back to them later once you being your project.  I find that making a game plan for each room beforehand is the best, and take on one room at a time so it’s not overwhelming.  Lastly, collect one item or piece from each trip you take.  Pretty soon you will have a home full of memories.  We have drinking glasses from Austin, a vase from Murano, a painting from Paris and more.  I love how each piece reminds me of those trips and tells its own little story!
FM-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years I see myself with children and living near the mountains or beach!  Yes that means another home to decorate, but I definitely don’t mind!

Make sure to check out her blog-  Haute Gumbo
If you loved Ashley’s look then you will be happy she was kind enough to share her style with us:
1. Family Room (Room with white sofa): Maxi Dress Diane Von Furstenberg, Turquoise bracelet & Ring: On the beach in Cabo; Rings: Paloma Picasso; Lips: YSL Lip Color #56
2. Kitchen: Top: Of Two Minds; Boyfriend Jeans: Current Elliot; Wedges: Manolo Blahnik, Lips: Tarte Power Pigment in “Exposed” Gold drinking glasses were picked up in a Vintage store in Austin, Texas.
3. Sunroom (Room with fireplace): Dress: Nordstrom; Top: Zara; Wedges: Manolo Blahnik
4. Master Bedroom (White bedroom): Tibi Fringe Top; Skirt: Nicholas; Heels: Christian Louboutin; Bracelet: Paloma Picasso
5. Guest Bedroom (Darker Bed with photos hanging) White top & Skirt: Tom Ford; Python heels: Jimmy Choo; Lips: Tom Ford “Bruised Plum.”
6. Porch: Phillip Lim Blouse; Zara white skirt; Rachel Zoe boots
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