Boss Babe// Getting bikini ready with Ashy Bines

The idea of getting ‘bikini ready’ makes me break into a cold sweat. I mean let’s be honest is there anything worse than going bikini shopping? Trying to hobble on one leg as you tie some tiny strings around your hips and look at yourself, in of course the world’s worst lighting. Not fun.

Well it seems there are some women, or should I say thousands of women who are actually looking forward to picking out some new bikinis. They have been part of Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge and they are feeling and looking great. The woman behind it all is Ashy Bines. Ashy started ABBBC in 2011 with a few hundred women and today there are thousands of woman in 65 locations across Australia, America and more recently New Zealand. It all started simply enough, Bines had been competing in bikini competitions for years using the same eating plan and exercise routine each year to achieve her best results. From this plan she wanted to help other woman achieve their goals. “I started the 12 week Bikini Body Challenge so that every girl could have a chance to get the fabulous figure she has always wanted.” Over the years the ABBBC Empire has grown exponentially with there now being a Ashy Bine’s Transformation Centre  and Ashy Bines Clean Eating Kitchen. Freckle Mag was lucky enough to talk to Ashy and get to know this amazing woman a bit more.

Ashy Bines Owner and Founder of ABBBC

FM-How did you personally first start on your journey to health? /Or have you always been healthy?

I have always been really active, but I didn’t have much of an education on food growing up. Five years ago I met my partner Steve, who was a personal trainer, and I fell in love with learning about what’s right to put into your body. That’s where it began.

FM-You are all about empowering woman to be their best. Where did this passion come from/first begin to help woman?

Health and fitness is the foundation to live a happy long life. It helps put you in an incredible state to start or finish your day off and help you tackle whatever your life goals are. Health and fitness isn’t just about losing weight to me, it’s about feeling good, having energy and a positive attitude to get through my busy and crazy lifestyle, it’s about surrounding yourself with girls on the same journey and helping others reach their dreams.

FM-What advice would you give to a woman who is just starting on their journey to health?

Come down to the Transformation Centre on the Gold Coast or an ABBBC session around the country and you will see the wide variety of ages we have, and how much they are KILLING it – it really is inspiring to see our over 60’s jump in with the younger girls and race them and transform with them. Age is NO barrier EVER. And we are proof that no matter where you come from, what you’ve tried or how old you are or even what injuries you have we can get you to where you want to be.

FM-As a first step to health would be one food/ingredient that a woman should cut from her diet?

Keep a balance. Don’t cut everything from your diet that you enjoy as you will most likely end up binging and then feeling guilty and having to start again, creating a vicious cycle. Use the 80/20 Rule so you never have to miss out or not be social.

FM-Your ultimate day off would be?

SLEEP IN! – no alarm, cuddles with my fiancé and fur babies, walk with my besties and breakfast at my cafe, bake/swim surf at the beach for a few hours followed by a Thai massage and a chill out session at our beautiful home then dinner with friends and my man.

FM-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Over the next year I am hosting a few sections at our women wellness event “UTOPIA” this year in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and also our feed your soul event is travelling to Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. I’m looking forward to enjoying a summer on the Gold Coast as we usually travel to the snow or somewhere but I’m excited to be in our first home together for Christmas.

Learn more about the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenges here

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