Boss Babe // Kate from Little Honey

There has been a buzz in the air for a while now about Little Honey and for a good reason.

Little Honey is a New Zealand made tan that ticks every box that a self tan could. It lasts for ages, doesn’t streak, doesn’t smell and it does leave you looking like you have been to the tropics. I have actually known Kate for years (and I mean years and years) and I couldn’t be more excited for her and all she has achieved. Kate’s story is the perfect example of seeing a need in the market and filling it. Read below to get to know this amazing woman and her very buzz worthy tan.

Firstly tell us a little about yourself

I am the owner and creator of Little Honey, NZ’s Luxury Self Tan. I am also a mum and have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

Are you a tea or coffee person?

Love my green tea but love my morning coffee even more.

How do you start your day?

With cuddles from my beautiful 5 year old son. Best way to start the day.

How did you find yourself in the beauty industry?

I did a basic Make-Up course as a teenager and have been in the world of cosmetics since. In fact it was because I was a makeup artist for over 20 years and I had access to the best products in my industry that I saw a gap in the market for a top quality, NZ made Self Tan.

How do you find balance when owning your own business?

I don’t at the moment! First year or so in business. I’m not sure if anyone does

What is one tan mistake you see most clients making?

Not using a really great glove to apply their tan with. The Little Honey flawless Blending Glove is really the secret to a streak free tan. The velvet texture of the Glove means you can really buff in Flawless Bronzing Mist. Our Flawless Blending Glove is also waterproof lined so no more stained hands and has a thumb for extra grip, you can’t go wrong!

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Support. I have an incredibly supportive family that do so much in the background. I can also honestly say Little Honey is so much more than a product. Creating this business has given me the opportunity to make so many amazing connections and have so many experiences I might not have had otherwise.

It’s women just like yourself that are truly inspiring to me and I have had nothing but incredible love, support and advice from other Women and Boss Babes so I feel incredibly lucky. So don’t be shy to reach out for help along the way.

Skin treatment or product you couldn’t live without?

Loving products from The Ordinary at the moment and  I apply my Little Honey every week as I am addicted to having a glow all year round.

Your next holiday is?

Girls weekend in Wellington for WOW!!

What do you love most about Little Honey?

I love that Little Honey solves so many tan issues. I created Little Honey when my son was a toddler so having a 10 second drying time and no unpleasant smell was mandatory. As a brand we feel passionate about looking and feeling great so that is why our product doesn’t contain parabens and is cruelty free. I am probably most proud of the fact we are created and made right here in New Zealand. ♥

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