How to get your hair wedding day perfect

When it comes to a wedding day hair expert my mind automatically thinks of Amelia Rush from Boutique Bride. I have been working with Amelia for over 7 years now and her talent never ceases to amaze me.

Amelia Rush has been a colorist and stylist since 2004. Amelia opened her own salon Le Boutique in mid-2011. It’s the combination of Amelia’s hairdressing talent and open personality that makes her so popular with brides. “Being a part of a bride’s big day is such a privilege,” says Le Boutique Salon Director Amelia Rush. Amelia’s bridal business Boutique Bride has become a well known name among brides with her wedding seasons booking up to a year in advance.

The creativity of doing wedding hair is a joy, to be able to craft something soft and beautiful is amazing and fun.

I caught up with Amelia this week and asked her the 5 most asked questions I hear from brides about their wedding day hair.


What should a bride do to her hair before her wedding?

It’s really important that brides book in for regular trims especially if she plans on wearing her hair out. Also moisture or shine treatments are great to get your hair the shiniest as possible before the big day.

When before the wedding should you get your final color-

I recommend getting your hair colored 1-2 weeks before your wedding so it has a week at least to fall into its natural look. You don’t want your hair to look just done because that’s not natural.

What should a bride to day before her wedding- It really is a personal thing with each hairstylist but I recommended that if you feel that you don’t like the feel of your hair when it’s not freshly washed then I would say wash it the morning of. I always recommend two shampoos one condition. If you know that your hair is best the next day and the feel of it doesn’t bother you then don’t wash it. It shouldn’t matter too much if you wash it the day of or day before because a good hairstylist will get it to look the way it needs to with product.

Photography by Danelle Bohane

What advice would you give to a bride struggling to pick a wedding hairstyle look- I would say always look at your dress and the overall style that you have gone for. When you’re wearing your dress hold your hair in different styles and see what looks best. But it also comes down to what you feel comfortable with.

If you always wear your hair down then having it up might make you feel not like yourself so do whatever makes you feel most like yourself.

When should you have your hair trial- I recommend 1- 3 months before your wedding because you will have a better idea of the overall picture of your look and what your dress/ hair color will be like. I recommend you come with a few photos of different styles in mind. Tip- if you want to meet your hairstylist from when you book and not wait until the trial then book in for a blow wave so you can get to know them and see their work. Then when you have your trial closer to your wedding you will feel more confident with them. ♥

To find out more about how Amelia and I work together then click HERE xo

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