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I always have brides to be ask me lots of questions on everything from skincare questions to where they can get a unique headpiece. I have been full time in the wedding industry for over 9 years so I know a fair bit but whenever I have a question that I don’t know I direct the bride to the one and only Paper and Lace. Paper and Lace is your one stop shop for everything wedding! The site was started by the stunning Jax who saw a massive gap in the market when planning her own wedding. Paper and Lace is filled with Real New Zealand weddings, an online shop where you can buy all those wedding items that you can never seem to find and you can even sell your wedding dress on Paper and Lace. I was lucky enough to talk to Jax this week about how she started the site, her love of helping brides, travel and more.



How did you end up getting into the wedding industry?

Hubby and I decided to elope which was a bit of a relief as I really struggled to find affordable and unique dresses and wedding related goodies online that would ship to NZ (without costing an arm and a leg!) Online shopping has come a long way since then, but I still felt like getting married in NZ was quite challenging and so after an entire night or WordPress tutorials I wrote my first post, and I was instantly addicted!

What are the main problems you find New Zealand brides struggle with?

I have heard many lovely ladies struggle with the fantasy of a wedding vs the reality. Sometimes blog posts can be so styled that while everything looks beautiful, it can be a little disheartening for a bride who doesn’t have the time/budget/planning team to make it happen. This is why I love to feature lots of real life love stories, giving brides realistic inspiration, and proving that still have an amazing day without all the extra fluff.

Another is the search for wedding vendors that don’t suck and wont rip you off. (harsh but true) Getting married is a MASSIVE deal and you may be spending a lot of time and money on your big day. I get lots of emails from brides to be asking for my personal recommendations and so next week I am launching the Little White Book, P&L’s very own wedding directory to help brides choose their A team!

One more, the search for the perfect bridesmaids dress is ALWAYS a challenge, but doesn’t have to be. You will find lots of fab affordable dresses in my shop section and tips for dressing your bridesmaids on P&L. My secret weapon?

One of the many styled sessions found on Paper and Lace- Click for details
One of the many styled sessions found on Paper and Lace- Click for vendors details

What advice would you give to a bride to be planning her big day?

Keep it simple. Think about what is MOST important to you and as a couple, and then simplify your day. Ultimately your day is about celebrating your love and commitment to your soul mate.

When getting carried away with all the extras (or when your stress levels are off the chart!) stop and think ‘does this really matter, is it a priority?’. Less is definitely more.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

Oh that is such a hard question! I love it all but getting ready is such a fun and exciting part of the day! Getting pampered with your favourite friends, having a glass of champers, those butterflies and the anticipation of seeing your soon to be hubby (or wifey!) is such a great part of the day! Although I never got to experience this I have been honored to be a bridesmaid at a few weddings and love this part of the day.

And watching the couple exchange their vows, I am such a cry baby, it gets me everytime! (I have even teared up just looking a blog posts of people I don’t actually know haha)

What are three things you couldn’t live without?

– My husband Jared. He totally rocks my world and I am like a headless chicken without him.

– Our animals (7 dogs and a cat) They are our babies (with our first human baby arriving in November!)

– My family. Dysfunctional but awesome!

– Can I add my laptop as number 4? (I couldn’t do what I do without it!)

Paper and Lace is filled with Real New Zealand weddings- Photo Kirsty Peta Stone Photography - Click for more vendor details
Paper and Lace is filled with Real New Zealand weddings- Photo Kirsty Peta Stone Photography – Click for more vendor details

What is your dream holiday?

ANY! (we haven’t been anywhere since our wedding four years ago!) But if I had to get on a plane right now it would be Thailand. Kind people, great food, gorgeous beaches and you get so much for your money (who doesn’t love paying 2 star prices for a 5 star hotel!).

What would be your top 3 favorite beauty products?

Ultrabland Cleanser from Lush. I CANNOT live without it, makes my skin happy and soft and is great for all skin types. A good BB cream for everyday wear (I love Maybelline, affordable and fab) and a good Mascara for my tiny eyes, I am using Model Co. at the moment which I like but want to upgrade to Young Blood asap!

What is your favorite meal?

Pad Thai. I have tried to make it at home but it never tastes as good.

I will eat every bit of it at a restaurant even if I can’t walk afterwards!

Tea or coffee?

Tea! Have never been a coffee drinker, it makes me feel drunk (but not in a good way!)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ooooh great question! Biz wise I would love to build my brand to include a book,  e-course, a series of pop up shops and eventually a brick and mortar store.  I also have some charity involvement on the cards but it is all a little secret squirrel for now! I would love to be in the financial position to travel again with my hubby and bubba and possibly live in Asia a few months a year. We would also love to adopt a child from Thailand. Ultimately, I want to help people, and give back to the world through my time and hopefully money ♥

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