Hello holiday legs

I am starting to get excited because at the end of this month I (and my husband and toddler) are off to Fiji. I am going to be doing a brides wedding makeup over her 5 day celebrations. Even though I am “working” I know I will have pleanty of time to relax by the pool.

Now that might sound like perfection, pool side with a cocktail in hand in sunny Fiji but a part of me is a little worried. Let’s just say I have….winter legs.

My winter legs are not very toned, a bit lumpy and they look like they have endured a long and hard winter.

It’s ironic because we are heading into winter now but I worked through summer so it’s winter legs all year round for me.

So you can imagine my excitement when I got a delivery from the superior to organic skincare Β Azen. I have written a few posts on a few of their products before but when I got this delivery it was like a gift from the “winter legs” gods! Let me introduce you to Atzen In Shape- Cellulite Away! Using a targeted blend of powerful natural plant extracts, vitamins and patented high-tech ingredients the Atzen In Shape-Cellulite Away reduces cellulite by up to 43%! Let’s just pause there for a moment. Those are massive results.

The best part is a little goes a long way with this power packed cream. You just need to apply it once or twice a day to achieve the best results.

My only question is can I bathe in it? Goodbye winter legs and helloooo Fiji legs.

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