Long Hair goals – Extensions 101

Real talk- This is my ultimate hair.

This post is all about hair extensions! Like myself so many of you don’t know much about extensions. There seem to be so many types of extensions and even more horror stories of people  with bad extension experiences. Also lets be honest we all know that one girl that rocks the most obvious bad quality extensions and it can just put you off aka Britney Spears 2007 was a bad time for her hairdresser.

Shoot Britney 2007 was a hard time for us all.

I have always wanted longer hair so I went to the best of the best and talked to the team at Loxy’s. I even got to ask the ultimate boss babe herself Kate (owner of Loxys) to get the low down on hair extensions.

Going into the consultation I really didn’t know much I just knew I wanted to be a Kardashian. No shame girls I love those crazy Kardashians and that family knows how to rock extensions.

Real talk- This is my ultimate hair.

Going in I thought I wanted permanent  hair extensions because I had heard such good things. At Loxy’s their technique is a combination of the traditional weave and the micro ring technique. This means that the hair can be put in without gluing or braiding your hair (very painful!) and significantly decreases the chances of damage to your own hair. They work with 100% human remy hair to ensure a natural look.

However they are a more expensive option. The cost of permanent extensions depends completely on the length/volume/style of your natural hair, and how many rows of extension hair you need to ensure it looks natural. Average prices start at $435 for a half head, and $770 for a full head. On top of this is a charge of $75 to have the extensions blended into your natural hair to ensure a seamless result.

During my consolation we came to the agreement that I actually just wanted more length and that I wasn’t up to the care that permanent extensions require. More on the upkeep here.

So clip ins it was. Loxy’s have just brought out the most amazing new clips ins so I was so excited to get matched to my very first clip ins ever! The Loxy’s clips ins are a unique set of 3 pieces (compared to normal sets which are 8-10 pieces) are 20 inches long and 150gms of hair. They’re stored in a recycled pouch that is the perfect package for you to keep your extensions in when they’re not in use. Check out my before and after below!

I really couldn’t believe how fun they are to wear. For so much hair they are really light and super easy to apply. I have the instructions of how to apply them below. Clip ins are also much more affordable as it’s $300 and they will last you for so long. I am so happy with my choice of clip ins and now when I feel like it I can let my inner Kardashian out and rock my long hair.

You can now call me Christina with a K. I am Kristina when I have my extensions in 🙂

The amazing team at Loxy’s offer a free consult if you wanted to pop into either our Auckland or Wellington salon, and have a look at their range.

Applying clip ins:

To apply your extensions:

  1. Section your hair where you’d like to attach the clip ins.
  2. If you’d like a super secure grip, gently backcomb the root area where you’ll be attaching the clips
  3. Pop open the clips
  4. Place the clips into the back combed section, and snap shut
  5. Continue until all desired sections have been attached
  6. Check that the clips feel secure, and that they’re not pinching or pulling. If they are, re-clip until they feel secure and comfortable
  7. Style your natural hair and extensions as required
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