My #MNYMasterit Collab With Maybelline New York

In my career there are some amazing moments when I kinda pinch myself. When Maybelline New York asked me if I wanted to film some content for their youtube said yes before they had even finished asking. Maybelline New York is one of those brands that I have always loved (pre makeup school and everything) and it is a brand that I still love even after all these years of being in the industry. After a fun day of filming Maybelline New York hosted a super fun event where myself and 4 other makeup artists taught master classes followed by a cocktail party. It was such an incredible day and I am so thankful for Maybelline for letting me be a part of it. Check out my two videos below x


My job was made pretty easy because of these mega babes I got to work with. Beauty By Hannah, SHUSHILA TAKAO and Matilda Rice. All such beautiful woman inside and out!

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