Organic makeup- can it really do it all?

It seems that nowadays everywhere you look everything and everyone is organic. However when you look at the scary rise of cancer and diseases it makes sense that people are starting to stop and take stock of what they are putting in and on their body. Overall everything organic is amazing. Organic cafes are everywhere. Organic skincare and even haircare is proving that it can be both organic and give the results you want however the one area that is not so popular (or so you think) is organic makeup.

I will be honest as a makeup artist I have been sceptical of organic and natural makeup. In the past when I tried it I found the makeup to be hardly pigmented with a funny smell and a very limited range of colors especially for foundations. So when I was invited last week to a World Organics Media event I was very excited to see if perhaps I was wrong in my judgements of organic makeup.

The event was held at Seafarers Club in Britomart overlooking the water. The room was filled with incredible flowers and the smell of organic oils filled the room.




The event was my kind of event with a glass of Champagne in hand we were treated to a makeup tutorial by the beautiful Emmily Banks of Depths of Beauty. Emmily is makeup artist who teaches and empowers woman how to transition to the organic lifestyle. As a makeup artist myself hearing about makeup is one thing but seeing it is another. I can read or hear about a great foundation but actually seeing it applied or wearing it really shows me if it is a product I would use on a client or wear myself. Emmily did a full makeup application using the World Organics makeup range and the results were totally stunning.



The foundations come in 6 shades (which is a great for an organic brand) and are a soft matte finish. I loved the cream blushes as they were nice and soft but the stand out products for me were the Luminizers and the lipsticks. The Luminizers were soft and highly pigmented and looked and felt like all the other highlighters in my kit.

The lipstick range is amazing! For me if you are going to start wearing organic anything you need to start with your lipstick since we eat so much of the product.

Apparently the average woman eats about 2-4 kilos of lipstick through her lifetime.

I am a makeup artist so I must ingest so much hahah ew! So I love the idea of a product that is made of pure and natural ingredients. There are 12 lipsticks in the range and they are simply beautiful. There is a killer red and my personal favourite is Sahara. They last well and have just the right amount of pigment.



I walked away from the event with a skip in my step that finally we have reached a point where we can have organic, sustainable makeup that is not only good for us but actually works!! Lets lift our green juices and cheers to that ♥

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