Real Wedding// Kylie and Ben

When I first met Kylie she was just a bubble of happiness and beauty so I knew instantly she would be such a fun bride to do makeup for…and gosh was I right. The morning of Kylie’s wedding day was filled with so much laughter and fun. It didn’t feel like work in the slightest but that might have also been because Amelia from Boutique Bride did the hair and Danelle Bohane was the photographer who both happen to be my besties (both were in my bridal party) so it was so much fun! The wedding was on the beautiful Waiheke Island. I loved the makeup look Kylie wanted as it was bold and slightly sexy without being over the top. I used charcoals on the eyes not blacks to keep it a little lighter and a soft gold wash to make her blue eyes pop. Kylie could have walked down that aisle with not a drop of makeup and still looked incredible but I am glad she didn’t cause I loved doing her makeup!

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