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When it comes to products that are “natural” or that use “organic” ingredients we can sometimes think that means that the products won’t give us the results we want. If I were to hold up an Atzen product you would tell me that no way could this sleek powerful looking serum actually be natural…well l00k again!

We combine organic plants and vitamins with “high tech” ingredients that work. Paraben free, petrochemical free, pharmaceutical grade antioxidant formulations, natural emulsifiers from olives, and scientifically advanced active ingredients derived from sustainable and renewable sources.

For the past 2 months I have been using a couple Atzen products and I love them. For me the standout product is the BALANCE™ – DNA Repair Serum – Age Reverse Safely. This serum is a powerful cocktail which restores elasticity & tightens pores for radiant, hydrated, wrinkle free skin. I found that my skin is much smoother and tighter when I wake up in the morning after applying this the night before. It doesn’t leave my skin tight but it certainly feels like my skin absorbs it all.

If you have sun damage or got pigmentation when pregnant (like me) it also helps repair scars & sun damage! Like I said before the ingredients are of natural or organic origin. Made with natural and organic ingredients…has your misconception of “organic” been blown wide open yet? ♥

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  • Have you ever tried theJeunesse Luminesce cellular rejuvenatation Serum? Does it compare? Interested to know from a more qualified persons view point what you feel about the product.

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