How to spoil your Mr this Valentines Day

You may or may not know that Valentines Day is quickly rearing around the corner. Now I love Valentines Day however I hate that the pressure seems to land on the poor dudes to plan a romantic evening. I just don’t feel that it’s always the man that has to be the one to bring flowers and chocolates so this year I am hitting up all the ladies out there. Maybe this year you spoil your man…and I know the perfect way…with beer!

Peroni Nastro Azzuro, the #1 Italian premium beer, is having its starlit cinematic experience for the third consecutive year.

This year Peroni Cinema returns to Britomart’s Takutai Square. The night will be complimented by a Peroni inspired cocktail and the crisp, refreshing taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Peroni Leggera throughout the night.
The Al Fresco event includes an Italian-inspired menu of Aperitivo and a decadent three-course dinner created by the renowned Amano restaurant,
whilst enjoying the critically acclaimed film, La Pazza Gioia (Like Crazy). I don’t think there could be a better combo then beer, good food and a movie under the stars!
Now here is the thing the event isn’t actually on Valentines Day but that is a good thing. Just snuggle up and watch the Block on the 14th. The event is on Friday 17 February and is very limited so keep your eyes peeled on the Peroni Facebook page for how to attend. These tickets with go fast!
Happy Valentines Day lovers ♥
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