Washing those spots away

Lets face it. We all get spots on our skin from time to time. For you it might be the odd pimple you get when you eat a certain food but for others it can be a condition that really affects their life. I don’t want to sound like an informercial but having spotty skin can dramatically change a persons self confidence which is why it’s important to face the problem head on.

However it can be hard with so many products out there claiming to help. I was recently given the EPIOLOGY range to try. Now I don’t have severe acne at all however I am totally prone to getting the odd pimple. My skin must have known that I had recieved the range to try because within 48 hours of getting the products I got a small breakout on my chin.

I used to have really really bad skin in my teenage years. I mean really bad. So like most teens I walked the supermarket aisles looking for something that might help. I can honestly tell you that everything I used was so strong that it would make my skin red and itchy but this is where EPIOLOGY is different.

“One of the major reasons why people with moderate to severe acne stop using their topical treatment is due to the irritation and redness that they start to suffer from prolonged use of these products. Clinical trials show that when EPIOLOGY is used in combination there is an overall improvement in redness and reduction in irritation, resulting in clearer looking skin.”

The range help your skin in three ways it’s Anti-redness, Antioxidant and Antibacterial which penetrates deep into the pores of stubborn spots targeting acne bacteria, reducing redness and irritation. It is also great for sensitive skin and everyday use as it’s fragrance and colour free.

I found that this range was very gentle on my skin, almost to the point where I was afraid it wouldn’t actually work. But it did. I especially love the Spot Gel for really zapping those big zits. If you know someone that really deals with problematic skin give this range a go ♥

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