5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your wedding day it can seem like everyone has an opinion or tip for how to make your wedding day perfect. I found that after I got married and looked back over my wedding day I was amazed about how much I wasn’t told. So I am going to tell you what I wish “they” had told me.

1. You will be hungry-

You may have tasted the menu at your venue before your wedding day but on the actual wedding day you will be so busy greeting your guests that you might not have the time to sit and fully enjoy your meal. Tip- Bring snacks in the wedding car and have a big breakfast.

You might not feel like eating a big breakie but your future groom and bridesmaids will thank you for it. No one wants a hangry bride!

2. Your fancy new wedding shoes might kill your feet-

You finally found the perfect wedding shoes yay! However a few hours into wearing them they can really start to hurt. You don’t want anything to take away from you enjoying every moment so make sure you break them in. Like properly not just wearing them around the house a few times. Tip- Bring an extra pair of shoes just in case…call them your dancing shoes because when ‘Single Ladies’ comes on you will want to hit that dance floor with your girls.

Found on offbeatbride.com
Found on offbeatbride.com

3. The morning will go faster than expected-

I know that I have mentioned this before in other posts but from my experience being a wedding makeup artist I can’t tell you enough that your wedding morning will fly by! Everything takes longer on your wedding day. Just remember when you get dressed the photographer will be telling you to hold that pose and look here and there. You also want to leave time to relax and have a drink and enjoy the moment. Tip- I am not kidding but add an extra hour onto your schedule. You will be so glad you did.

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  1. There will be something that won’t go the way you wanted-

It might be Uncle Albert getting too drunk, the flowers arriving with the wrong shade of roses, or getting behind in your timing. Whatever it is just remember that this day will only happen once! Leading up to a certain point you can change things but once the day starts there is nothing you can do. Just ignore the things you cannot change. Tip- Have someone you trust that is in charge of an guests that are getting perhaps a little too drunk. It’s not a bouncer but rather a caring friend who can tell Uncle Albert to sit down and chug some water.

  1. You might get the post wedding blues-

When you wake up the next morning you might get a twinge of sadness that your big day has come and gone. I didn’t get it bad but I did wish I could live the day all over again. I know people that have gotten really sad after their wedding day. Just remember that it is just a day. You get the amazing new husband and new life as a Mrs. Tip- Even if your honeymoon is not straight away think about planning something special right after your wedding day. A few nights away is the perfect cure to the post wedding blues. ♥


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