I guess charcoal isn’t just for the BBQ

My wife is a beauty blogger (you know this because you are on her site) So

for years I have watched my wife enter the bathroom looking normal and come out with all kinds of weird goop on her face.

For ages I would just look at her and laugh but lets be honest her skin is way better than mine so I started to ask her what she was even doing. Since that day we did the odd face mask together and guys without sounding like an informercial…it really helped my skin. I get really congested on my nose from working outside and as much as I cleaned my face it didn’t seem to go away. My wife introduced me to this L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic X-tream Cleanser.

Now this is a cleanser but I actually first apply it to my nose area and let it dry a little. This seems to help pull out some of the impurities and then I use it all over as my cleanser. It really helps and my son always gets a laugh when I have it on my face.

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