Two Hair products that actually work

When it comes to my hair I am really basic. I try to make my hair look presentable with hair wax and then I try to clean my hair to mainly get the wax out. I have tried lots of products and a lot of them were terrible so I thought I would share two that I found work well.

First the wax- I have been using the Redken Water Wax 03. The reason I like this wax is because it holds my hair in place but mainly because it washes out well. I have used so many gels and waxes that are so sticky I find its still in my hair days after washing. I hate product build up so the fact that this wax washes out easily makes it a winner to me.

Next to wash my hair I am using the Redken 2 in 1 Clean Spice shampoo and conditioner. This is a great product because I always forget to condition my hair. My wife is always reminding me but I just never do it. So this is handy that it’s two in one and I have actually felt a difference in my hair after using it (must be the conditioner in it but don’t tell my wife) It also gets any wax out of my hair too and smells great. ♦

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