Getting Summer Ready

After what seems like the world’s longest Winter I can officially say that it is starting to feel like Summers finally on its way. There are so many things about Summer that I love. The tan lines, salty hair and lots of rosé with friends at the beach. However, let’s talk real here for a second. Summer for me also means I am in the busiest part of my year. With my busy wedding season, Christmas planning beginning and lots of work to get through Summer time starts to feel rather stressful.

One thing I have found that helps me de-stress (especially since becoming a mother) is the importance of ‘me time’. Now as much as I would love a day at the spa for ‘me time’ that just isn’t possible but the simplicity of a beautiful bath at the end of the week is my special time. Now this isn’t just a bath but this is an hour where I invest into myself by treating myself to all the things I love.

Firstly there must always be snacks. Since Summer is on its way so is yummy Summer fruit so chocolate coated strawberries are the perfect treat. If it has been a really rough week forget the strawberries and just eat chocolate.

Second is a glass of something cold and bubbly. I am currently loving the Jacobs Creek Sparkling Rosé. It is fresh and crisp and a little more dry which I love. One glass of this tipple and that to-do list will start to drift away.

I always light my Ecoya candle. I am loving the Guava and Lychee at the moment.

To make your bath really special I love to add a bath bomb. My two favourites are the Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Bath Bombs in Amethyst. No bath bomb smells better than this one. I find the fragrance really relaxing. I also love the Lush bath bomb Intergalactic. I find this bath bomb to be really soothing on my skin.

While I have a hair mask in I always shave my legs. It is amazing how just a simple thing like shaving your legs makes you feel so much more confident. If I know I am going to have my legs out I love using the Schick Hydro Silk. The Schick Hydro Silk is clinically proven to provide long lasting moisturisation! The Schick Hydro Silk Razor features water-activated Hydra Renew Serum formulated with shea butter– it’s unique to Schick and is the secret to the 2 hours of moisturising you get after shaving. I never get razor burn and my legs are left feeling soft, hydrated and ready to take on any Summer bbq or beach day. I don’t have time to deal with razors that cut my skin and miss patches. The Schick razors make my pins Summer ready every time.

The summer time can be crazy busy but something as simple as running a bath, lighting a candle and shaving your legs can make you feel ready to take on the world. Thanks Schick for making this Summer essentials post possible.


If you want to be in to win an amazing giveaway of 1x Schick Women’s Pack (includes premium candle, towel and robe with Schick product bundle, valued at $150) comment below and tell me why you need a bit of ‘me time’.

Happy #beyondsmooth Summer lovelies! xx

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  • Bubbles on the beach with that infamous kiwi dip and chips, hell yes !

    I am in desperate need of Me time !! With a 2.5 year old (boy) and a 1year old (boy) I am surrounded by soooo much testosterone! I do live for the craziness though the bubbles help!!!

    Thanks 🙏

  • Hey babe 🙂
    Miss you qnd the fam heaps ❤️
    I’ve been working really hard to pioneer a hospitality ministry here in tauranga. I miss so tired but trying to learn how’s to rest in the midst of busyness. So I love me some me time

  • I would love to win this! After having a bad week I would love to try the Schick products and pamper myself. Plus my leg hairs are out of control!! My insta is Tifalockhart5 btw! Thanks!!

  • I really need a bit of me time, as I’m going through a very stressful period right now, after being hit by a truck and my car was written off. It was my first and favorite car that I bought for myself so I was very proud of it and felt so attached to it, it definitely has a sentimental value to me! Currently sorting out insurances which in itself is a stressful process, so I can’t wait to wind down when this whole ordeal is all over!!

  • I’m halfway through my first pregnancy and recently moved back to NZ from living in the UK! Things have been really busy with setting up a routine, settling back into life in NZ (and all the admin that comes with it) and preparing for a new baby so a little bit of ‘me time’ sounds like such a treat!

  • When you have a job of looking after other people’s children for a job , the responsibility to provide outstanding care and education is huge. I believe I can’t give my best if I don’t feel the best so I always make sure I have me time,to destress and feel energetised to give my best.

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